and so it begins

I no longer have any excuses to give myself. 

Going to work on the site a bit before I head to bed, had a very long day which was only exacerbated by the horrible weather. Not since the 1960's has my area seen weather this bad. 60 years. I wasn't prepared. My body was not ready, and my mental state quickly followed suit. All I wanted to do today was stay home in bed watching B movies on Netflix. Instead I had to drag my ass out of bed and penguin waddle my way to work. Where I had to deal with my boss's complete lack of respect for any of her patrons. 

Anyway, today's "new" thing is a little drink called Ralph and Charlie's.  ( green apple. kiwi. Pineapple) I'd expected more time to go out either before or after work to do something interesting but I'll have to settle for this today. Since I don't want to completely bloch the day I'm also going to eat some samyung spicey noodles. The 2x's spicey noodles made me regret my life choices but hopefully the regular spicey one's won't be as bad. 

Happy New Year to whom ever is reading this!